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Every six months the school curriculum is updated in accordance with the currents global tendencies and audience needs. Full immersion in the language environment. Focus on quality. Maximum practice and minimum theory. New teaching methods.

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On our portal you will be able to communicate with other students and your mentors, ask questions and share with useful informations. You will be provided with an enormous amount of relevant informations that you can find on our closed portal. You will always have access to our closed lessons.

High qualified teachers

Mentors of the school studied in such countries as Great Britain, USA, Germany. They will help you throughout course and will distribute the materials individually from the basics to the advanced level.


At the end of the course, a certificate is issued and a limitless access to our lessons on portal. The course ends in the format of presentation project to parents and teachers and then ceremonial presentation of certificate of the school “Centre of English Studies”.

Welcome to CES for YOU!

New method of intellectual development.

About us

Our background:

From the immemorial time, values that unite ethnos – language, religion, traditions, mentality, culture, history. Any language is a cultural code that forms the philosophy of human life, its system of values, behavior style and the way of thinking. The main political value is the State and the main culture is a language.read more...
The mission of the center CES for YOU is to contribute to bringing Kazakhstan to the leading position in the world outlet of education by training competitive professionals from an early age.
The CES school is a place where children and adults can get a quality education in a short time.


Before they do not tell anyone about it.


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Depending on the age and level of the student's knowledge, we offer the following courses:


Экспресс-доставка, все что необходимое Вы найдете здесь.


Our teachers are experts in their sphere, and this allows us to give only the most necessary and relevant knowledge.


The best opportunities that parents may give to their children:

How can a child spend the summer holidays in a good and interesting circle?
The CES school invites schoolchildren from Almaty and Almaty region to the summer school CES CAMP-2019,
to have a great time, learn to speak another language and make new friends.
What is CES Camp? CES Camp is a time of intellectual and personal development.
The teaching of foreign languages expands the intellect and gives aspecial way of thinking
that is useful in all spheres of activity.


We always strive to be better.


Events that are worth your attention.

Januar 2, 2019

State budget expenditures on education:

According to the portal www.ranking.kz for 2016, the state budget for education amounted to 1.6 trillion tenge, an increase of 22% compared to 2015. Recall that over the past three years, the average annual increase was only 4%. The sharp increase was due to the start of the work of the state program for the development of education and science, designed for 2016-2019. In the structure of the state budget, education costs constitute 17-18% of all costs annually and are in the second place
after spending on social assistance and social security.

Features of learning English by children of different ages
Januar 1, 2019

Each child, beginning to learn English, individually responds to unfamiliar words of someone else's speech for him.

I must explain why learning a language is important
Januar 3, 2019

Learning English, like any other language, has its difficulties. Sometimes, each of us asks: why do you need to know a foreign language?

I should be ready for everything that happens around
Januar 4, 2019

The world is changing at a tremendous rate, and we must understand this better than ever, and be prepared for this change.


Close partnership with leading educational centers allow us to offer the highest quality and modern training programs.
You will be among the first learn about the initiatives of partner companies and take an active part in them.



Where would you like to study?

курсы английского языка село Чемолган, Ушконыр

01 Kaskelen city

56a Umiralieva Str. (behind 15th pharmacy)
Contact numbers: +7 727 300 11 98, +7 707 7230 908

курсы английского языка с. Теректы

02 Kaskelen city

33, Umiraliev Str. (district hospital)
Contact number: +7 707 709 42 15

курсы английского языка в г. Каскелен

03 Talgar city

119, Konaeva Str.
Contact numbers: +7 727 388 14 42, +7 702 673 99 02

курсы английского языка в г. Каскелен

04 Issyk city

Str. Almaty Hare 100 A
Contact numberss: +7 727 754 July 7, +7 707 822 57 38

курсы английского языка в г. Талгар

05 Uzynagash village

181, Satpayev Str. Suyunbay street corner. (Tien Shan store district )
Contact numbers: +7 727 702 44 84, +7 707 818 55 03

курсы английского языка в г. Иссык, Есік

06 Almalybak village (KIZ)

40, Yerlepesov Str. (Alma-Ata complex)
Contact number: +7 707 865 26 95

курсы английского языка в с. Узынагаш

07 Chemolgan village, Ushkonyr

Makatayeva 45 Str. Zhibek Zholy (Zhdanova, cafe "Zhybek Zholy") Contact number: tel .: +7 747 518 36 26

курсы английского языка в пос. Алмалыбак, КИЗ

08 Almaty, Terekty

Ortalyk Str 27 A
Contact number: +7 747 146 60 46

курсы английского языка в с. Байтерек, Новоалексеевка

09 village Baiterek, Novoalekseevka

Almerek Abys Str. 47 (Opposite the Turar market)
Contact number: +7 707 216 88 36

курсы английского языка в  ЖМ Асыл Арман

10 Asyl Arman

Bld 10 (ground floor)
Contact number: 8 727 300 11 98; +7 747 285 00 27

курсы английского языка Ульжан микрорайон 1

11 Ulzhan microdistrict 1

Zhalaiyr Street 195, near the school No. 152
Contact number: +7 707 624 38 09