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Grandprize English Course
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About us

New method of intelectual delevopment

From the immemorial time, values that unite ethnos – language, religion, traditions, mentality, culture, history. Any language is a cultural code that forms the philosophy of human life, its system of values, behavior style and the way of thinking. The main political value is the State and the main culture is a language.
The mission of the center CES for YOU is to contribute to bringing Kazakhstan to the leading position in the world outlet of education by training competitive professionals from an early age.
The CES school is a place where children and adults can get a quality education in a short time.

High qualified teachers

Mentors of the school studied in such countries as Great Britain, USA, Germany. They will help you throughout course and will distribute the materials individually from the basics to the advanced level.


At the end of the course, a certificate is issued and a limitless access to our lessons on portal. The course ends in the format of presentation project to parents and teachers and then ceremonial presentation of certificate of the school “Centre of English Studies”.

Online lessons

You have a unique opportunity to learn online: where it is convenient, when it is convenient and how it is comfortable (on the phone or on the computer).

We know how to teach and show your result

Teachers are always raised qualification

Our Awards

We are proud of

Лидер года – 2018

CES Olympiads

English language olympiads

Winner in 2017:
Zaynullina Hanifa

Free trip to Malaysia

Winner in 2018:
Mamutkhanova Balym

Free trip to England

Winner in 2019:
Dusyup Abdollakh

Free trip to England


We always strive to be better.

Our partners

Close partnership with leading educational centers allow us to offer the highest quality and modern training programs. You will be among the first learn about the initiatives of partner companies and take an active part in them.

Our popular courses

Depending on the age and level of the student’s knowledge, we offer the following courses:

Elite group

The program of a specialized group for the high school students training in the surrender of various English examinations and tests in prestigious competitions.

General English

Up to 10 students
6 levels.
Each level lasts: 4 months.
Number of lessons in each level: 48.
Duration of each lesson: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Teens English

This age is a special period for language learning. Students prepare for exams to the universities at this time. Gaining their attention is not an easy task, but it is within our power.

Kids English

Individual approach. A game-based learning format will help children to learn the most useful English words. The lessons are aimed at fixing in child’s memory, sound and written form of English words and their translation. Lessons consist of many stages, each of them serves to develop certain language skills.

Additional services

Additional classes

Pre-school classes

English club

Process of study

Mental Arithmetic

Calligraphy. Handwritting correction

Holidays abroad

Physical development of children

CES FOR YOU Branches

We want to be closer to you!

70, Tole bi street tel.: +7 707 723 09 08
56А, Umraliyeva street tel.: +7 707 118 66 41
4, Kazangap street (the area of school № 1 ) tel.: +7 702 673 99 02
63B,Auezova street (behind the central mosque) tel.: +7 707 822 57 38
181, Suyunbai street, corner of Satpaev street (the area of ​​Tien Shan store) tel.: +7 707 818 55 03
156, Karash batyr street tel.: +7 707 718 55 03
41A, Kunaev street tel.: +7 747 518 36 26
4,Tleuberdi Sauranbaev street tel.: +7 707 745 20 90
(3rd floor) tel.: +7 775 697 22 19
27А, Ortalyk street tel.: +7 747 146 60 46
33, Zhangozina street (the area of city hospital) tel.: +7 707 709 42 15
10/3, microdistrict Altyn Aul (2nd floor) tel.: +7 707 928 46 68
29, Bostanova street tel.: +7 707 193 59 55
38, Karasai street (below Titov street) tel: +7 747 627 07 69
Almaty city tel.: +7 747 285 00 27
38, Erlepesova street (next to Akkayin store, 2nd floor) tel.: +7 707 865 26 95
186А, Aset Beiseuov street tel.: +7 747 612 80 42
2,Baysova street tel.: +7 747 820 10 28
15, Zhambyl street, (below Aidar store) tel.: 8 707 716 16 51
5А, Talgarskiy street tel.: +7 777 098 71 83
65, Adilbekov street (the area of college) tel.: +7 747 518 36 26


Kaskelen city, Tole bi 70


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